The Pitfalls of a Damaged Commercial Roof Envelope

It’s not always easy to maintain commercial roofs, but without proper care, your roof will most likely develop damage in crucial areas like the roof envelope, which is the barrier between the roof and the interior parts of the building.

The Pitfalls of a Damaged Commercial Roof

Alpine Roofing Construction, one of the leading commercial roofers, discusses how a damaged roof envelope could affect the building.

Seal Breakage

A roof envelope serves as your building’s last line of defense against outdoor elements. When left in a vulnerable state, it can cause seal breakage for your roof membrane. Eventually, it will allow rain and other weather conditions to impact your building’s safety, comfort and protection.

Accumulates Moisture Leaks

When a roof envelope dwindles, moisture issues will arise. Moisture is the leading cause of commercial roof damage and deterioration. Along with it comes water damage. It will cause significant structural problems like leaking roofs, discolored ceilings, damaged interior walls and other costly repairs. When water damage begins to unravel, contact your trusted commercial roofers from Alpine Roofing Construction to save your roof from further harm.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

The expensive repairs go hand in hand with skyrocketing energy bills. The damaged envelope will interfere with the energy efficiency of your building. That’s double the damage cost for you. Although you will have to invest in regular maintenance from a professional, it will still pay off in the long haul compared to dealing with major repair issues down the line.

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