Copper Systems

A copper roof, installed by Alpine Roofing Company

When you want your commercial or residential building to make a statement, you want copper. Copper roofing is perhaps the most beautiful roofing available, and its lifespan is hard to beat. When installed and maintained correctly, a copper roof can easily last a lifetime. Known for the gorgeous green patina that it gains over time, a copper roof is easily identified and gives a sophisticated look to any home or business.

If you want to improve your home or commercial building’s value, the beauty of copper can’t be beaten. This extremely durable roofing can be applied as a full roof or combined with other roofing for a unique look.

At Alpine Roofing Construction, our Dallas/Fort Worth copper roofing services include installing, maintaining, repairing, and modifying copper roofs. We have an in-house fabrication team that creates copper roofing panels, as well as custom copper roofing accents and gutter systems. Whether you want a full copper roof or want to combine copper accents with your asphalt shingles or other roofing material, we can make it happen. Contact us today for a free quote.

Copper Roofing Installation & Replacement

A metal roof with copper trim, installed by Alpine Roofing Construction

We can install copper roofs on new construction buildings, replace current roofs with copper, or replace aging copper roofs. Our roofing experts have more than 25 years’ experience installing copper roofing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The energy efficiency and fire-resistant properties of copper, combined with its beauty, make copper roofing a high-end choice for any home or business. Copper roofs insulate a property well, and they easily last for 50 years or more.

Copper roofing installation and replacement must be done by professionals. You don’t want to spend the money for a beautiful copper roof only to have poor installers piece it together. Precise construction is critical when installing and replacing copper roofing, and Alpine Roofing can handle it.

Copper Roof Accents

Many people like to use copper as an accent to other roofing materials. You don’t need to install a complete copper roof. Instead, you can add copper over a window or a porch, choose copper for the cap over your chimney or add copper gutters. Our in-house metal fabrication experts can make copper roof accents and other custom roof pieces designed just for you.

A copper roof accent can be designed to be completely unique to your own roof, which can also improve your home’s value and curbside appeal. For a business, it can elevate your building’s presence. Copper roof accents can last well over 50 years if they’re well maintained, and they add a sophisticated and polished flair. We can install copper roof accents as part of a cosmetic update or as part of a full roof replacement or installation.

Copper Roofing
Maintenance & Repair

When you get copper roofing installed, you can rest assured that you aren’t going to need to invest a lot in repairs and maintenance. As a naturally strong, flexible material, copper roofs generally require less maintenance and repair than other roofing options.

The durability of copper roofing means it is unlikely to need any significant repairs from year to year, but it will need to be maintained. Inspecting your copper roof for damages, as well as protecting the beautiful patina, are only part of the necessary maintenance. Our copper roofing experts can look for any potential issues and make repairs when needed. The better the maintenance and repairs for your copper roof, the less likely you will experience structural problems and other hassles later.

Copper roofing is elegant, sophisticated, and long-lasting. You can keep it looking great for years to come with maintenance and repair services from Alpine Roofing Construction.

The edge of a roof, fitted with copper gutters by Alpine Roofing Construction

Contact Us About Your Copper Roofing Project

Are you ready to redesign your Dallas/Fort Worth roof? Do you want a full copper roof, or maybe just copper accents? Let Alpine Roofing Construction take a look and help you determine your options. For more information, contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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