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Commercial Roofing Project Completed by the Commercial Roofing Team at Alpine Roofing Construction

Expert Commercial Roofing Services in Dallas-Fort Worth and Beyond

With more than 25 years of commercial roofing experience, the Alpine Roofing Construction’s team has gained expertise in every kind of commercial roof construction. Many large commercial projects have chosen us because we are a trustworthy and experienced contractor throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth greater metroplex.

Our company adheres to the highest standard of craftsmanship, products, customer service, project management, and attention to detail on every project from conception to completion.

Alpine Roofing Construction is a licensed commercial roofer in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Take a look at our expansive portfolio of commercial roofing projects throughout the three states.

Experienced Commercial Roofing Experts

Every commercial roof project is completed by a team of experts that have significant experience and use high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies.

Alpine Roofing Construction can complete roofing systems on:

  • multi-use sites
  • retail locations
  • industrial facilities
  • medical facilities
  • hospitals
  • entertainment districts
  • hotels
  • historical structures
  • treatment plants
  • multi-family complexes
  • and much more.

Commercial Roofing Services Offered:

  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof
  • Metal roofing
  • Flat roofing
  • Sloped roofing
  • Shingle & composite roofs
  • Slate & tile roof (simulated slate-tile)
  • Stone-coated steel roofing
  • Standing seam roofs
  • Copper roofing
  • Single-ply roofing applications
  • Roof rejuvenation, repair & restoration
  • Roof deck paver systems
  • Commercial roof maintenance
  • Roof inspection & assessment
  • Primer & painting services
  • Tapered insulation systems
  • Expansion joint repair/resolution
  • Coping, wall panels, flashing
  • Commercial roofing repair
Flat Roof Installed by the Alpine Commercial Roofing Construction Experts

Our Commercial Roofing Solutions Have You Covered

If your business needs a new roof, Alpine Roofing Construction is the company to trust. We can assist whether your roof has been damaged by a storm or is suffering from age-related problems. Our team has the knowledge to handle any project, from minor repairs to a full roof replacement.

A manageable maintenance program is your best defense against commercial roofing damage, and the easiest way to avoid having to pay for a new roof. If you have your commercial roof maintained and repaired by an experienced Alpine roofing professional on a regular basis, you may extend the life of your commercial roof by years.

Why Should You Choose Alpine Roofing Construction?
There are many reasons to choose us as your commercial roofer. We offer:

1) Competitive Pricing

The pricing of our commercial roofing services is designed to be competitive, so you can get the best value for your money. We understand that your budget is important, and we will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

2) Quality Workmanship

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing quality workmanship on every project. You can be sure that your roof will be installed or repaired properly the first time.

3) High-Quality Materials

We only use high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers to ensure that your roof will last for years to come. Our roofing products are backed by warranties, so you can be confident in their performance.

4) Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service to our clients. We understand that your roof is a significant investment, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result

5) A Wide-Range of Services

The services we offer are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of services, including roof installation, repair, and replacement. No matter what your needs are, we can help.

6) Flexible Scheduling

We understand that your time is important, and we offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs. We will work around your schedule to ensure that the project is completed on time and within your budget.

7) Latest Roofing Technologies

We use the latest roofing technologies to ensure that your roof is installed or repaired properly. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your roof will last for years to come.

8) Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discuss your roofing needs. We will evaluate your roof and recommend a course of action that will meet your needs. After the consultation, you can decide whether or not to use our services.

Work With the Best Commercial Roofing Service Around

Call Alpine Roofing Construction today at (214) 528-9897, or fill out our online contact form, to speak with a member of our team about your commercial roofing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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