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Tropical Roofing Products is a national family owned roofing materials manufacturer since 1952. For over 70 years, Tropical Roofing Products has been manufacturing high-quality roofing materials used to maintain, restore and replace a variety of commercial roofing systems. All Tropical Roofing Products are manufactured and tested in their own laboratory to ensure the highest quality professional grade adhesives, primers, cements and coatings in the USA. Strategic facilities in Texas, Florida and California allows Tropical Roofing Products to service their customers quickly and economically with unsurpassed customer service support.

Tropical Roof Coating By Tropical Roofing Products

Tropical Roofing Products offers 21 different Tropical Roof Coatings, each engineered specifically to the individual projects requirements.

  • A Flexible Tropical Roof Coating is required for roofing systems in extremely fluctuating climates.
  • A Reinforced Tropical Roof Coating is required for roofing systems bearing the weight of heavy equipment or require regular maintenance foot traffic. These Tropical Roof Coatings are reinforced with a variety of fibers and asphalt.
  • An anti-skid Tropical Roof Coating is ideal for walkways and high foot traffic areas for added safety for maintenance and HVAC crews.
  • A Highly Reflective Tropical Roof Coating is often used in warm environments to reflect UV rays, keeping the structure cooler. These reflective Tropical Roof Coatings are a popular choice for many building owners, property managers, facility owners and manufacturing facilities for their energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • A solvent free Tropical Roof Coating is often applied to occupied structures for the safety of the occupants.
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What Are The Two Main Types Of Cool Roof Coatings?

  • White Coatings – Engineered with white pigments and polymeric materials, these cool roof coatings are opaque and 70 to 80% reflective
  • Aluminum Coatings – Containing Aluminum leaf flakes and asphalt type resins, these cool roof coatings provide 50 to 70% solar / UV reflectance.
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What Type of Roof Coating Is The Best?

Several factors determine what type of roof coating is the best, inclusive of:

  • The region the project is in and its climate changes.
  • Appropriate roof coating for the structure, it’s functionality and architectural design.
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Application obstacles and hazards
Silicone: Known for its superior thermal stability and elasticity. An Ideal roof coating for roof systems in regions with extreme temperature fluctuations.
Acrylic: Forms a hard flexible coating that provides excellent UV protection and is rust and corrosion resistant.
Asphaltic rubber: This roof coating is known for superior durability and strength. This fluid applied coating is engineered with the combined strengths of rubber and asphalt.
Polyurethane: An excellent roof coating for impact resistant qualities. Polyurethane roof coating is durable and provides protection against impact and abrasion.

Tropical Roof Coating Warranty

Tropical Roof Coating Warranty offers a Limited Product Warranties (Materials Only) and Limited Full System Warranties (Labor and Material). All Tropical Roof Coating Warranties require the completion & submission of the warranty application form to begin the Tropical Roof Coating Warranty process, and adherence to the Tropical Care and Maintenance Specifications when a warranty is provided.

Every Tropical Roofing Products Coating Warranty is specific to each project address and a single Tropical Roofing Products fluid applied roofing coating system. Many projects have multiple buildings or multiple systems. Therefore, a separate warranty application form for each building or system installed must be submitted.

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