Tips for Choosing Metal Roof Substrates

Everyone needs a bit of help when it comes to choosing their roof components, especially those who are about to install a metal roof for the first time. One of the most important parts of a metal roofing system is its substrates.

Tips for Choosing Metal Roof Substrates

There are two types of substrates: the open framing and solid substrates. Alpine Roofing Construction discusses the differences between the two to help you choose your metal roofing substrates better.

Factor the Roof Slope

In choosing the substrates for your metal roof, you have to factor in the slope first. This will help you in choosing between the open framing and solid substrates since both of them have specific uses. The solid substrates are used for steep slope applications while the open framing substrates are more used for low slope applications.

Consider the Roof Design

Standing seam metal roofs are divided into two designs: structural and architectural. The primary difference is in the structural supporting members used in each one.

If you prefer to have architectural standing seam roofing, you’ll need the solid substrates rather than the open framing substrates to reduce the chance of a leak. For those who prefer a structural metal roofing system, the open framing substrates are what you need to accomplish its design.

Identify the Water Situation

The use of substrates also varies according to the climate in your area. No one wants to face leaks and water damage, that’s why you should choose your substrate carefully with the weather in mind.

The solid substrates used in architectural metal roofs are hydrokinetic, which means they shed water instead of repel it. It’s the ideal metal roofing system for homeowners in humid or dry areas. Meanwhile, the open framing substrates are called hydrostatic or watertight, making them the perfect metal roofing choice for storm prone areas.

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