3 Important Roofing Codes Each Homeowner Should Know

There are rules in the roofing industry to guarantee a prolonged roof life span and performance. Each homeowner or building owner should familiarize themselves on these three important roofing codes, despite how experienced their contractor is. Because knowledge about the roof over your head always pays off, especially since it’s the leading protection you have against inclement weather.

3 Important Roofing Codes Each Homeowner Should Know
Alpine Roofing Construction, a leading commercial and residential roofing company, discusses more

Alpine Roofing Construction, a leading commercial and residential roofing company, discusses more.

Be Conscious About the Minimum R-Value

Different areas with varied climates have minimum R-values for insulation. This is to ensure the house is getting its best energy-efficient properties while maintaining your home or building’s structural integrity. After all, a poorly insulated roof will lead to early deterioration.

Requirements for Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are extremely helpful in maintaining indoor temperatures in both commercial and residential roofing systems. However, you can’t simply install one without adhering to its installation standards. For buildings in climate zones 1-3, you have to test for solar reflectance first and meet its requirements. This means buildings that have a slope of less than 2:12 and are directly above a cooled space. Buildings without these characteristics do not have to comply with the solar reflectance test.

There are roof parts exempt from this rule, too. These include the walkways and skylights, among others. Commercial roofs with semi-heated spaces are also exempted from following this roofing code.

Provisions on Re-Roofing

For roof replacement, the International Building Code requires homeowners to have all their roof layers removed down to the deck. If your roof is in need of anything more than small repairs, you can always turn to your trusted roofing contractor for help. These professionals are well-versed in roof codes in every project they undertake. Alpine Roofing Construction has reliable roofing experts with a wide range of commercial and residential roofing services.

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