Important Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring brings unique challenges to your commercial roofing system. You need to focus on roofing maintenance to make sure that the previous seasons haven’t caused any damage to your roof. In this blog post, Alpine Roofing Construction, the top commercial and residential roofing company in our local area, discusses some important spring commercial roofing maintenance tips.

Important Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips for Spring

Schedule Regular Professional Inspections

The most important thing you need to do is to hire a roofing contractor you can trust to inspect your commercial roof regularly. Your roofing contractor should inspect your roof and look for any issues that can compromise the roof’s performance. If possible, we suggest hiring the same contractor that installed your commercial roof because they already have an in-depth knowledge of your building.

Minimize Foot Traffic

As an expert in commercial and residential roofing, we highly recommend minimizing foot traffic on your roof as much as possible. Foot traffic can damage the roof membrane. People walking on your roof should use membrane protection, roof pavers and walkway pads as much as possible. Control the access to your roof and make sure that people only go up there when absolutely necessary.

Focus on the Field and Flashing

Commercial roofing systems are vulnerable to all sorts of problems, but the best use of your time and resources is to focus on the two most likely areas to be damaged: the field and flashings. Your roofing contractor should look for areas of degradation and wear on the field and they should check the flashings for signs of damage.

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