5 Roofing Red Flags to Keep an Eye On

With Texas’ varied climate, it’s entirely possible your roof may suffer from damage without you even noticing it. How can you maintain a healthy roof and distinguish the red flags that we should eye on? Here are the five roofing red flags to keep an eye on, according to trusted metal roofing experts.

5 Roofing Red Flags to Keep an Eye On

1. Ponding Water- One of the major purposes of a roofing system is to prevent water from entering your home. Roofs are a major part of your home’s defense system. However, even if it seems that your roof’s defense against water is fine, ponding or stagnating water may still be a problem. Without proper drainage, this ponding can potentially result in structural failure.

2. Extreme Weather Conditions- Weather conditions like snow, heavy rain, ice, and even high humidity can gradually damage your roof over time. Unfortunately, pollutants in the air can damage shingles by wearing the material down. After a massive storm, it is crucial to have your roof inspected if you suspect some red flags to your commercial roofing system to prevent further damage.

3. Poor Installation- There are a number of roof damage cases that are related to improper roof installation work. That is why it is very crucial to have certified roofing contractors do all your metal roofing repairs and installation. Trying to fix a leak or lose shingles yourself can cause more extensive roof damage that could have been avoided.

4. Cleaning- One of the most important points of protection between your home and the weather is your roof. Neglecting to maintain a clean and healthy roof can lead to damage that might be expensive to repair in the long run. In some cases, the algae, fungus, or moss growth is so severe that it will already have caused significant damage to your roof. 

5. Repairs and Maintenance- Metal roofing contractors generally agree that the most important measure you could take in protecting and extending the life of your commercial roof is to keep track of its current condition. By conducting regular roof inspections, you can identify any possible issues at an early stage when they can be easily dealt with. The lack of proper maintenance and regular roof inspections can lead to costly repairs that could be avoided if discovered early on. 

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