Expert Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Roof Properly

Proper commercial roof maintenance comes with a long list of practical benefits. It increases the time between replacement projects, averts major leaks, prevents unscheduled downtime and avoids liability in the event of accident or storm damage.

However, it takes a lot of consideration to keep your roofing system in good repair all year round. To give it the care and attention it needs, experienced commercial roofers, including Alpine Roofing Construction, recommend these tips:

Limit Rooftop Access

Regular foot traffic is a common threat to the structural integrity of flat roofs. It already has to contend with the rigors of nature day and night, but frequent visits by building occupants only make its life harder.

Although having an accessible top is one of the advantages of having a flat-roofed property, make it off-limits to unauthorized people. If you can’t control who’s able to get on it, it’s going to be more prone to abrasion, leakage and premature failure.

Schedule Inspections Routinely

The preventive approach makes the only real roof maintenance program. It’s imperative to react to leaks urgently, but you will most likely not have to deal with them when issues are detected and fixed early. Reliable commercial roofers advise you to have your system professionally inspected at least once every 24 to 48 months.

Know What Constitutes Damage

Even if you have regular inspections scheduled, it pays to perform for an evaluation in between. This is especially important whenever a menacing storm passes by. While you don’t need professionals to do it, your select building personnel should be able to tell damage when they see it. This can be challenging because every roofing material exhibits different red flags.

Of all causes for concern, most commercial roofers will tell you to be more vigilant about standing water. A one-inch deep pond could weigh over five pounds per square foot, which will wreak havoc on your roof when left unchecked for too long. If you have a built-up roofing system, be wary of surface erosion; if you have single-ply membranes, shrinkage and billowing are the signs of damage you need to worry about. When something’s wrong, call in a professional for an immediate repair.

Entrust your commercial roof maintenance needs to Alpine Roofing Construction. We specialize in different flat roofing systems and have nearly 20 years of business excellence. Call us at (214) 380-4607 now to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate. We proudly serve many areas in Texas, including Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas, TX.

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