What Makes Metal an Exceptional Roofing Material?

Metal is one of the oldest materials used for roofing applications and it’s still relevant in the 21st century. Although it lost its popularity to newer options, it’s no surprise that it’s making a grand comeback. Actually, it’s now the second most common roofing material among residential properties in America; latest statistics show that it now owns 14% of the market share.

What Makes Metal an Exceptional Roofing Material?

What’s so great about a metal roofing system? Alpine Roofing Construction talks about how it fares in key areas:


Metal can stand up to the worst elements of nature. It’s not immune to deterioration, but its protective finish allows it to resist the effects of moisture better than its contemporaries. It can withstand the impact of high-velocity hail, stay intact during sustained gales and inhibit water intrusion from heavy downpours.

Although it’s a good conductor of electricity, it won’t burst into flames when lightning strikes. Its non-combustibility may even help you get home insurance discounts. With proper installation and maintenance, it’s not unreasonable to think for a metal roofing system to last for about 50 years.

Energy Efficiency

Most cool sloped roofs are made from metal. It naturally reflects most of the sun’s energy, impeding thermal transfer. While it absorbs some of the heat, it re-emits most of it to regulate its own surface temperature. In addition to energy savings, a cool metal roof investment can help mitigate the urban heat effect.


Metal isn’t the most economical roofing material, but it can cut down your cost of labor. If there’s sufficient evidence that the underlying sheathing is still structurally sound, it’s installable over the existing roof to skip the removal of old materials.


Anyone who has owned a metal roofing system will attest that it only involves minimal upkeep. If you take preventive measures, like trimming overhanging branches regularly, you might never experience any leakage.


At the end of its lengthy service life, metal can be reclaimed and repurposed into new products without compromising their mechanical properties. In fact, many metal roofs today even have recycled content. It’s likely never going to end up in a landfill, which helps conserve natural resources.

Is metal the perfect replacement roofing material for your home? Turn to Alpine Roofing Construction to explore a long list of other options and determine the most suitable choice for your home improvement needs. Call us at (214) 380-4607 to get your project started and receive a free estimate. We serve many communities in Texas, such as Fort Worth, Dallas and Arlington, TX.

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