What to Expect From Commercial Roof Inspections

When employing commercial roofers to conduct a roof inspection for your property, you can expect a number of things that yourself or less experienced contractors may miss. Here are some things only certified professionals like Alpine Roofing Construction can take care of for you.

What to Expect From Commercial Roof Inspections

Proper Assessment

Before anything else, your roofer will need to determine details such as how old your roof is and whether or not any warranties on it may still be in effect. Prior repairs will also have to be considered; specifically, when they were done and what they were done for. This type of information will help your roofer better understand your needs so they can come up with solutions that will keep your roof in great shape for as long as possible.

Exhaustive Coverage

Reputable commercial roofers like Alpine Roofing Construction have the knowledge and experience to not only find existing problems but anticipate potential issues as well. Expect your entire roofing surface to be inspected, including all seams, fasteners and flashing. No part of the underlayment should be exposed and any sign of damage should be immediately addressed. Gutters and drains need to be inspected, as well, as they are as integral to your roof’s performance as any other part of your roofing system is.  

Maintenance Scheduling

Once your inspection is over, it is recommended that you create a maintenance schedule with your chosen contractor. You should receive advice on when another inspection might be needed, apart from whether repairs are needed imminently or otherwise. Don’t hesitate to inquire about alternatives if the options presented to you are presently out of your budget to push through with.

To ensure the best possible outcome from a roof inspection, have only certified commercial roofers like Alpine Roofing Construction conduct it for you. We have been recognized as experts in commercial roofing design, installation and repair since 1999. Give us a call at (214) 528-9897 so we can start planning together on your next home improvement project. We serve various areas in Texas, including Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX.

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