Tips for Cleaning a TPO Roof

Building owners often opt for low-sloped roofs especially for commercial properties. However, the task doesn’t end with the installation process. You also have to take note of cleaning and maintenance. This will ensure that your roof will be in great shape and will avoid major damage in the future.

Tips for Cleaning a TPO Roof

In this post, your trusted commercial roofers from Alpine Roofing Construction share TPO roof maintenance tips:

  • As much as possible, paint your roof white. This will help your roof to maximize its reflectivity properties and become more energy-efficient.
  • Remove dirt and other types of debris to prevent the growth of algae or mold.
  • Prevent chemical contaminants to accumulate on the surface of your roof. This may harm the roof membrane which will damage the roof’s performance.
  • Hire professional commercial roofers to prevent any further damage on your roofing system
  • Always follow safety precautions to avoid any types of injury especially falls when cleaning the roof.
  • Always rinse off cleaning solutions properly. Do not walk on the roof’s surface if you think that the cleaning solution is not yet rinsed away.
  • Make sure that you comply with state, local and other legal requirements regarding roofing cleaning and maintenance.

In the event that you can’t find commercial roofers when you need them, you can follow these tips for DIY cleaning:

  1. Make room for water to run off. When cleaning, make sure that there are no plants or land which can be contaminated and destroyed especially when pressure washing your roofing system.
  2. Do not use a high-pressure power washer. A 2,000 psi or lower is enough to rinse off dust and dirt from your roof.
  3. Long-handled brush with soft bristles partnered with a mild cleaning solution is the best option for cleaning the surface. This also prevents damage to the membrane’s top surface.
  4. After washing, inspect your roof’s membrane. Make sure there is no damage and if there is, get repair services immediately.

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