Commercial Roof Upkeep: Factors to Consider

A commercial roof needs maintenance, just like a residential roof. Commercial roofers, however, understand that the roofs they build and maintain are also quite different. They’re usually wider, taking more square feet and they may also be positioned higher.

Commercial Roof Upkeep: Factors to Consider

Many commercial roofs are found protecting tall buildings. The height is sometimes all the difference, as the upkeep is more demanding. It’s not for DIY enthusiasts, as the work is often more dangerous for the inexperienced and the materials are usually vastly different from residential type roofing.

Apart from the height, the shape is also typically different from that of a roof found on a home. It’s usually flat, which makes it easier for workers to do their job. Installing a pitched roof on a tall structure will only make the building taller. It would be unsafe for maintenance work and high winds can cause issues.

Building owners often have property managers and even roof maintenance managers. Those managers are responsible for working with commercial roofers for the installation and maintenance of the building’s roofing system.

To make sure your commercial roof’s upkeep is perfect for your building’s needs, here are some tips:

Be in Constant Communication with Your Roofer

Commercial roofers often have to deal with different clients, so it’s important to get your roofer’s assurance that you can rely on them to answer if you ever call. Professionals often assign a point person for every client, so your roof manager should be able to call your roofer regarding any repair or replacement needs, as well as be able to put together a maintenance plan for your building.

Your Roofer Should Be Professional

Professionalism is not just about the work itself; it’s also about a few things you should be able to observe. For example, your roofers should be on time, every time, as scheduled. They should be wearing the right clothes for the job and equipped with the proper safety gear. They should have the tools and materials they need with them already, to save time. Professional roofers are courteous and respectful. Also, they should be able to do their maintenance jobs without disturbing the people who use the building. If necessary, your roofers should be able to schedule the job after hours so the work doesn’t get in the way of the building’s occupants.

The Roof Work Should Be On Budget

Before signing a contract with your roofer for your building roof’s maintenance schedule, agree on a budget that you can afford. Professional roofers understand this, so they will find a way to fit the job into your budget without compromising their work or using subpar materials.

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