Creative Ways to Reuse Old Metal Roof Material

In the old days, metal was considered an exclusive commercial roofing material. The development in the manufacturing process, however, has made it possible to create metal roofs that can fit residential homes. From 3.7% in 1998, metal roofing systems now account for 14% of the total roofing market. This is a three percent leap from its 11% market share in 2015.

Creative Ways to Reuse Old Metal Roof Material

Why is metal gaining popularity as a roofing material now more than ever? Apart from its superior strength, this roofing material is also eco-friendly. It can be recycled or reused for other purposes. Alpine Roofing Construction shares some creative ways to reuse metal roofing systems.

Yard Art

Add a unique element to your garden by creating yard art using metal roofing material. You can build a bird feeder or house with a couple of small pieces of metal. Bend and shape the metal roof to make decorative embellishments like metal butterflies and dragonflies. Someone with more experience can use different metal tools to emboss the metal with distinct patterns.

Magnetic Board

Take advantage of a metal roof’s magnetic feature by creating a magnetic board. You can use this in your home, office, or garage. Paint the metal to match the decor of the room. You may also frame the piece to add more character. For your kitchen, roofing metal makes a good backsplash for the stove to keep the walls clean while holding your dinner recipe.

Wall Art

Create picture frames out of old metal roofing to hang your favorite photographs on your walls. With the right tools, you can cut the metals in different shapes and place them in an area that you want to highlight.

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