Ways Winter Can Affect Your Commercial Roofing System

Winter will be in full swing soon, so now is your last chance to take the necessary precautions to keep your commercial roof in top shape through some of the worst weather of the year. While our part of Texas is lucky enough to enjoy fairly mild winters, you can never be too prepared for sudden storms, snows and freezes, all of which can impact the way your roof performs and functions.

Ways Winter Can Affect Your Commercial Roofing System

Alpine Roofing Construction, your local commercial and metal roofing specialist, has more to say on what this winter may have in store for your roof.

Wear and Tear

Your commercial roof goes through plenty of wear and tear just from everyday weather. This is turned up a notch during winter, especially if your roof has already been in service for several years. Aging roofs are especially prone to becoming brittle when the temperature drops, making impact and foot traffic more potentially damaging than usual.

Water, Snow and Ice Damage

Heavy snowfalls and ice dams may be uncommon in our part of Texas, but we still need to be on the lookout for brief freezes. If your roof and gutters haven’t been properly maintained, you may be in for major repair costs from frozen gutters and ponding. The best thing you can do is to make sure your drains and gutters are free of debris and leaks. This step is key whether you have a metal roofing system or a more traditional commercial flat roof.

Safety Hazards

Conditions in winter may make working at height more dangerous than usual. If you’re hiring a contractor for roof repairs or maintenance in the middle of winter, take time to communicate with them about potential hazards to minimize the risk of injury and property damage.

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