Proper Techniques for Using a Power Washer

Maintenance and cleaning are essential in making sure your home’s exterior lasts long. Power washers can help you do the job easier, but with improper use, they can do more harm than good.

Proper Techniques for Using a Power Washer

In this post, your trusted metal roofing contractor, Alpine Roofing Construction, discusses the proper way to use a power washer. 

1. Prepare and Test the Power Washer

Test the water flow from the hose by determining how long it will take to fill a five-gallon bucket. You may have insufficient water supply if the bucket isn’t filled within two minutes. 

Once you have enough water supply, clean the inlet filter of the washer and make sure all the washer’s connections are secured. 

2. Use Safety Gear

Water stream from some devices is strong enough to cut your skin. Wear safety glasses and hold the wand tightly. Don’t focus too much on just one area and use the washer in sweeping motions. Never aim the nozzle at pets, people, or plants.

Moreover, it’s best to hire professionals for metal roofing cleaning to prevent issues with safety or the condition of your roof. Alpine Roofing Construction specializes in residential roof maintenance so you can be sure your investment stays safe.

3. Use the Right Kind of Nozzle

Different nozzles vary in spray patterns. Narrower sprays produce more force. You can use a 40-degree nozzle for washing dirt from redwood or cedar decking and cleaning the siding and outdoor furniture. For concrete, you may use a 25-degree nozzle tip.

Remember that a pressure washer isn’t an all-around tool that you can use on everything. It’s not recommended for use on some types of wood as water can enter the material and cause rotting or mold growth. 

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