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Alpine is completing a sheet metal system, soffit and fascia, and wall panels for the Carrollton Pet Hospital.

Highland Park Project by Alpine Roofing Construction, Dallas, TX
Highland Park Project by Alpine Roofing Construction, Dallas, TX

In Highland Park, Alpine Roofing Construction is installing window flashings.

Roofing News & Updates

New OSHA Standards for homes

New OSHA Focuses are Shaking up the Roofing World

2023 brings new stats on construction and roofing accidents, which is leading lawmakers to focus on specific code guidelines as the year progresses. Find out more about heftier fines when it comes to heat guidelines, traffic rules, and even ladder safety.

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Silicone Roofing Project by Alpine Roofing Construction, Dallas, TX

For Your Knowledge

Natural Slate is a True Green Option
More and more property owners are turning to “green” roofing options for their environmental benefits as well as their government credits. As a natural green roofing material, slate is at the top of the list. Learn why this roofing material is making a quick comeback.

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Homeowner Updates

Metal Roofing Taking Over in East Texas
More and more East Texas residents are opting for metal roofs for their new homes, and the reasons are clear. With the surge of area storms, homeowners have been hit with unusually high restoration and repair costs. New builders are taking note, and opting for metal roofing which has a lifespan of up to 30 years longer than shingle roofing and can withstand large hail and high winds exponentially better.

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