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Able Pump Station Metal Roofing Project by Alpine Roofing Construction

Able Pump Station

Part of the Trinity River Corridor Project, designed to deliver flood protection for 100+ years.

United House of Prayer roof maintenance performed by Alpine Roofing Construction, Dallas, TX

United House of Prayer

Alpine has maintained this facility for 15 years, maximizing the protection of the building.

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Reinforced Roofs in Lousiana May Become Mandatory
The Louisana State Legislative Meeting begins today, and on the docket is a discussion to consider new ways to get insurance carriers into the state. Required reinforced roofing on new homes is at the top of the discussion, but has been met with some backlash. While many agree that the idea is a good one and would add to the overall cost of the home, others feel that changing the state’s building code could cause more harm than good.

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Silicone Roofing Project by Alpine Roofing Construction, Dallas, TX

For Your Knowledge

Foam Roof Case Study: Does This Roofing Really Minimize Damage?
One case study completed in Garland explores whether foam roofing can help prevent damages during a major storm a F2 tornado. This metal warehouse roof, reinforced with polyurethane foam and a silicone coating was directly hit by an F2 tornado in the 2019 twister breakout in North Texas. Find out how this metal/foam/silicone roof system held up to the storm, what types of damages were incurred, and the scope and timeline of the roofing work.

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Homeowner Updates

Metal Roofing Taking Over in East Texas
More and more East Texas residents are opting for metal roofs for their new homes, and the reasons are clear. With the surge of area storms, homeowners have been hit with unusually high restoration and repair costs. New builders are taking note, and opting for metal roofing which has a lifespan of up to 30 years longer than shingle roofing and can withstand large hail and high winds exponentially better.

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