Why Spring Is the Best Time for Power Washing

If you want the outside of your business to look clean and fresh, you easily use pressure washing to do it! Professional pressure washing improves the appearance of your roof and siding by using a high-pressure sprayer to loosen grime and dirt. This mechanical device easily blasts away graffiti, gum, stains, mold, mildew, and dust—everything that makes your building’s aesthetics look poor.

There are a few parts to a power washer that make it work: a hose, a switch, and an electric motor. They all work together to wash away environmental and man-made damages.

The high-pressure hose is the instrument used to spray the water on your desired surface. Depending on the job, there a variety of nozzles you can choose from that attach to the trigger gun switch, including those that project the water in a fan or cone pattern. The system we use can work on wood, stone, concrete, brick and metal.

With spring cleaning on your mind, imagine how our commercial power washing could help your home or business. Think of all the damage your sidewalk, driveway, and roof have endured over the last few years. It’s important to present a fresh image that invites customers into your building.

Using a pressure washer can be extremely dangerous and you can seriously injure yourself if you have never used one before. That’s why it’s important to call a professional service if you’ve never performed pressure washing yourself before. Our Dallas roofers at Alpine Roofing Construction would be happy to help your commercial building look beautiful. Call us at 214-528-9897.

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