If it is time for your roof to be replaced, make sure that your job is done right! Make sure that the Farmers Branch roofing company you choose is going to use the following steps in your roof reMake Sure these Items are Addressed During your Roof Replacement | Farmers Branch Roofing SCAN0197 300x174placement.  The existing roof covering, whether it is shingles, slate, tile, etc. should be removed down to the plywood decking.  Most manufactures will void their warranty if your replacement shingles are installed over any existing roofing materials.

Remove Old Flashing

Existing flashings should be removed.  Damage and rotten wood could be hiding under your old flashing.  If left in place, damaged wood could cause future structural problems.

Remove Felt / Replace Damaged Plywood

The old felt under your shingles needs to be completely removed, so your plywood decking can be properly inspected.  Damaged or rotten wood will need to be replaced.  If rotten plywood is not replaced, your roof could leak soon after installation.

Install New Felt Underlayment

A new 15 or 30 lb felt underlayment should be installed prior to installing new shingles or roof materials.

Replace Pipe Boots

The pipe boots and pipe stacks and other various protrusions throughout the roofing area should be replaced.  These kinds of pipe stacks age over time, and installing new ones will complete the look of your new roof.

Quality Roof Replacement Materials

Choosing a quality shingle to extend the lifespan of your roofing system is important.  We are certified applicators of most major shingle brands, so choose one of your liking, or we can recommend the best quality materials!

When you choose the Farmers Branch TX roofing company of your choice, just make sure they are thorough in their processes.  A company, who just proposes to replace the shingles, and not the other roofing components, is not the roofing company you want to choose!  Call Alpine Roofing Construction at 972-957-7011 for a free estimate, we are extremely thorough and reliable!