Lower Your Utility Bills with Radiant Barrier

As a homeowner in Dallas, TX, you may be wondering what you can do to improve the comfort, reduce energy costs and keep you home more energy efficient. One economical and efficient way to achieve all of these goals is to install radiant barrier insulation. At Alpine Roofing Construction, we have installed radiant barrier-style insulation in many homes in the metropolitan area. Our service technicians explain how the radiant barrier system works and what its benefits are for your home and family.

About Radiant Barrier-Style Insulation

Radiant barriers are installed in your attic to reduce the amount of summer heat that gets into your home through the roof. The barrier is composed of a reflective material that reflects the heat back out of your attic instead of absorbing it like traditional insulation does. By using a combination of conduction, convection and radiation of heat, your attic space will be cooler. Radiant barriers are more effective in hot climates such as the Dallas area, which has long, hot summers and moderate winters. The radiant barrier can be combined with other insulation in your attic, including loose-fill or bat so you can still enjoy the benefits of thermal insulation. Radiant barriers work best when installed in a new-construction home, although existing homes can be retrofit with this type of insulation.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

There are many benefits of radiant barrier installation in your home. Installing a radiant barrier could save 5 to 15 percent off your summertime cooling bills. When professionally installed by our roofing experts, radiant barriers are highly effective at increasing the comfort level in your home, especially in the upper level that is closest to the roof. The radiant barrier lasts for many years, does not require maintenance or upkeep and can be combined with any other type of insulation you would like to use for thermal benefits in the attic of your home.

At Alpine Roofing Construction, we offer the best in class products and services to insulate your home, lower your energy bills and increase your indoor comfort. When you need radiant barrier installation in Dallas, our team of experienced roofing professionals offer on-time, trustworthy and affordable service. Call us today at (817) 409-8975 to schedule your appointment and to receive your free estimate.

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