How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

It’s not exactly exciting to get a new roof. It’s something that often happens after a frightening storm or at the tail end of other bad news. A roof replacement is a big job, and it stands to disrupt your daily life until the work is complete. Before you let the dread rise too steeply, a few reminders can help you get through the process. You know that the work has to be done because the roof is essential for protecting everything in your home. It can also help to have a clear idea of what to expect. The checklist below will show you what you can do on your end to make this whole process go smoother and easier, and it can empower you to remove a significant amount of the stress you might otherwise feel.

Worry About the Ground

The roofing experts will do the worrying about what’s above your head. Your concern should be with everything on the ground. You might need to relocate vehicles to make room for equipment and trucks. Letting the roofers have the driveway can make a world of difference in their efficiency.

Consider the Walls

The ground isn’t the only thing that needs your attention. There’s a good chance that you have things hanging on your interior walls. Unfortunately, roofing work has a knack for creating lots of vibrations. Those vibrations can knock things off of the walls. Go ahead and take the decorations down. They can go up again as soon as the job is done, but you don’t want beloved photos becoming collateral damage.

Map Power Access

The contractors are likely going to use power tools. Giving them access to outlets will help them work more efficiently and effectively. They should provide their own extension cords, but the cords need an outlet. Figure out which outlets are best suited for getting juice up to the roof. Sometimes that means running a cord through a door or window. As long as you’re prepared, it doesn’t have to be intolerable. The time and frustration it will save in the roofing work are well worth it.

Prep the Roof

The contractors will handle the vast majority of this, but you might have some stuff on the roof that needs to come down until the work is done. When applicable, this can include decorations, but most of the time, it applies to satellite dishes and antennas. You can talk with the contractors beforehand to make a plan for taking the items down. They might be able to remove them, but there’s a chance you’ll need professional reinstallation once the roofing work is done.

While you’re thinking about things over your head, you want coverage for the attic. If you store things up there, you’ll want covers. The roofing work will shake the dust up there.

Mind the Yard

A little bit of lawn work can go a long way. The top priority is trees that might interfere with the roofing work. You want to think about cutting the grass too. Long grass can hide debris and dropped items, so short grass is much safer.

Any obstacles in the yard should be removed. Hoses can cause tripping. Sprinklers might get cracked. Lawn furniture can obstruct work and will be at risk of damage. Less in the yard is more when it comes time for the new roof.

You also want a plan for kids and pets. Roofing work is hazardous, especially to children and animals. Make sure you know how to keep them all safe and out of harm’s way while the work is being done. It’s also worth noting that loud noises and commotion can be hard on both little ones and pets. Any planning you can do in regards to pets and children will do you a lot of good.

Talk to the Contractors

This might be the most important step of all. General advice will go a long way, but the crew doing the work knows the most about how they operate. Talk to them before the start date. They can go over a checklist with you that will help you prepare everything to minimize risk and improve their working conditions. All of this leads to a better, faster job and a speedy return to normal life. These are the essentials that you need to know, and they should be enough to prepare you for the work to come. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always reach out to Alpine Roofing Construction. We are ready to help you in any way we can, even when that help is focused on aiding you in your preparations. Find us online or call us at 214-272-2679.

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