//The Top 5 Mistakes in Purchasing a New Roof | Carrollton Roofing

The Top 5 Mistakes in Purchasing a New Roof | Carrollton Roofing

1.  Price is your only concern.

The price of a roof repair or replacement can vary greatly.  If you shop around, and find a company whose price is way below the other bids that you got, there may be a reason why.  Remember, you get what you pay for! Check to make sure that this company is oThe Top 5 Mistakes in Purchasing a New Roof | Carrollton Roofing bbb Aplusffering to do the same scope of work that the other companies were.  Are there any hidden costs in their bid?  Make sure there will not be any surprise costs that sneak up on you when the project is completed.  Check to make sure that this company has insurance.  If a roofing company does not carry insurance, they will probably be able to offer you a lower price than their competition, but you do not want them on your roof without having the proper insurance protection!  Make sure to find a company with a competitive price, who is qualified to do the work.

2. Basing your choice on the company who responded the quickest or can start immediately.

If a company is at your house within an hour of your call, it is a sign that they do not have very much business.  Check the local BBB or reviews on Google to see if other customers have had a satisfactory experience with the company.

3. Companies who use high-pressure sales tactics.

If a sales person is trying to make you sign their contract immediately, or make a rushed/quick decision, this is a red flag!  You should be given time to look over their proposal without them standing in your living room.  Don’t fall for any high-pressure sales tactics, like a “lower price if you sign today.”  Take your time, you are making a large purchase that can greatly affect the integrity of your home!

4. A deal that seems too good to be true, probably is!

Check on the quality of materials the company you choose is using, make sure they are using top of the line products, and that you aren’t just getting a lower price because they are using second tier products.  What is their warranty?  Alpine Roofing Construction offers a standard 5 year warranty on any roof that we replace, and we wouldn’t suggest accepting much less.  Again, make sure you read the fine print, and that there won’t be any hidden costs that will sneak up on you after the work is complete.  Most importantly, make sure this company has references, ask for 3-5, so you can chat with recent customers about their level of performance.

5. Using a contractor who works out of their truck.

In Texas, roofing contractors are not required to have a license.  This means there is no shortage of roofing companies who are working out of their truck.  We suggest finding a company with an office staff. (Even if it is a small staff.)  A reputable company will have a staff who answers the phones, or can answer any billing questions you might have.  If you call a contractor, and you can tell he is answering the phone on a job site, be aware of what you might be getting yourself into!

Remember, purchasing a roof is a big decision, so treat it like one!  Do your research, and find a reputable Carrollton Roofing Company that you can trust will do the job right.  Call us at 972-957-7011 for a free estimate!

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