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Residential Roofing Dallas

Dallas Roofing Company, Residential Roofing Dallas residential roofing dallas Residential Roofing Dallas marWhen it comes to Residential roofing trust the name that has been around 18 years, with a proven track record for outstanding award winning customer service. A company with the team to handle any size project no matter the size of height. Call Alpine Roofing Construction your Dallas Residential Roofing Specialists.

We understand it is much more than just a roof over your head, it is your home, and an investment in your roof is an investment in the security and safety of not only your biggest investment, your home but also an investment in the future of your family.

Alpine Roofing Construction your Dallas-Fort Worth residential roofing company understands how important your home is to you. As your local residential roofing contractor, we’d like to help you protect your family and your investment by delivering top-notch quality and service at a fair price. Delivered on time by a team of professional roofers, trained in all aspects of roofing construction, design, installation, and maintenance.

Alpine Roofing Construction not only provides roof repair, design, and installation we can advise you on all of your roofing options. We will give you an honest quote and advise you on the pros and cons of all possible roofing solutions. We offer a huge selection of products, even Spanish tile, and metal roofing. Alpine Roofing Construction can help you choose your shingle type Click Here for more information.

Alpine Roofing Construction Residential Roofing Dallas, Call us for a quote

Alpine Roofing Construction is a Dallas residential roofing contractor that can handle any specialized roofing needs, such as:

  • energy-saving options including radiant barrier
  • contemporary flat roofs
  • high-pitched roofs
  • skylights
  • gutters and siding
  • patios and sunrooms

We’ll even help you work with your insurance company!  Call us today for a free inspection and quote.

Signs of Residential Roofing Hail Damage

  • Metal Dents One of the easiest signs of roof hail damage to detect is dents in metalwork. From metal flashing, vents and valleys, these roof components often provide unmistakable signs of roof hail damage. If you notice any dents, chances are your entire roof has sustained damage.
  • Loose Asphalt Granules  High winds and hail often cause asphalt shingles to shed granules. If you see singles that are missing granules or you notice an excessive amount of asphalt granules have fallen off of your roof, this is another sign of hail damage.
  • Cracking or Dents in Shingles After weathering a major storm, damaged roofs often show signs of cracked or dented shingles. As you look at your roof, do you notice signs of either? If so, chances are the integrity of your roof has been compromised.

Do not climb on your roof unless you are steady on your feet, Call Alpine Roofing your Residential Roofing experts for a free roofing consultation

Hail Damage

Hail damage is the leading cause of roofing damage in Texas. Hail can devastate a roof, cracking shingles, granulating times, breaking seals and if large enough can puncture the shingles themselves and even the decking.

If disaster should strike call Alpine Roofing Construction, your local residential roofing company, we’ve got it all covered we can assist you with a roofing inspection for your insurance company, roofing repair or replacement. Our residential roofing can give you an accurate roofing evaluation and assist you with your roofing claim.