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Roofing Evaluations 

Dallas Roofer

Roofing Evaluations - Dallas Roofer dallas roofer Roofing Evaluations – Dallas Roofer IMG 7316 768x1024Looking for a Dallas Roofer with 20 years experience call Alpine Roofing Construction.  Your building’s roof takes abuse daily from harsh weather, building shifting or movement, and foot traffic.  As the roof ages, minor problems such as splits and tears in the roofing membrane, or more serious cracks and deterioration may occur.  Although these issues may not cause an issue internally in the building immediately, it is important to address these types of issues before they turn into something more serious.  Roofing evaluations and maintenance are important to make sure that your roofing system lasts for its’ full lifespan potential.

Flashing Repairs and Installation

Flashing issues are one of the number one contributors to roof leaks.  Our repair crews can repair or replace your flashing, and make sure your building is water-tight.

Ponding Water

Ponding water on your roof can lead to roof deterioration and will most likely create a leak in the future.  There are several things that could lead to ponding water.  You may need a new drain installed, or one of your current drains may need to be cleaned of debris.

Emergency Leak Repair

When a storm strikes in Dallas and you have a Water leaking call the Dallas Roofer you can count on in an emergency Alpine Roofing Construction. Rain entering your structure can create huge issues, and damage to your assets.  We provide emergency leak repair services, or can temporarily tarp structures until a more permanent fix can be made.

If you have an urgent roofing issue call Alpine Roofing Construction today, we can take urgent preservation methods to protect the integrity of your property. Regular roofing evaluations are the key to protect your property and the integrity of your roof.

Contact Alpine Roofing Construction today the leading Dallas Roofer today for a roofing inspection.