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Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church

Dallas Flat Roofing

pilgrims baptist church dallas siplast flat roofing, Dallas Flat Roofing dallas flat roofing Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church – Dallas Flat Roofing pilgrims2Alpine Roofing Construction a Texas Commercial roofing company are Dallas Flat Roofing experts. Alpine Roofing installed the Siplast Paradiene 20/30 modified bitumen flat roofing system. This system produces a highly durable elastomeric blend with exceptional elongation and recovery properties over a wide range of temperatures. This two-ply engineered roof systems, in which the workhorse base ply absorbs roof stresses while the top ply shields the base from the elements and mechanical abuse. Paradiene 20/30 is a proven, lightweight, highly flexible membrane designed to retain its elasticity through the severe solar load, ultraviolet rays, thermal shocks, random ponding water, and extremely low temperature.

Both Paradise’s top and base plies consist of an elastomeric asphalt blend – a unique formulation of SBS and high-quality proprietary asphalt – reinforced with a fiberglass mat. The granule surface means the system doesn’t require the application of gravel, giving it a light installed weight of approximately 200 pounds per square, and making inspection and repair easier.

Alpine Roofing the Dallas Flat Roofing experts also installed a designer class 4 shingle on the church. These designer shingles have the look of a tile, are stronger more durable and impact resistant and are persistent to strong wind.

Class 4 shingles represent the toughest, most durable roofing material available. Receiving a Class 4 rating means the material has passed strict engineering testing by independent laboratories. The engineering behind roof materials has gone even further in recent years. Even stronger roof coverings may become available soon as manufacturers experiment with substances that are new to the roofing industry but have proved durable in other applications. For example, shingles made from an “engineered polymer” make for a very lightweight, high performing roof covering. The substance is 100% recyclable and holds up remarkably well within a wide temperature range.

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