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Alpine Roofing Construction is the industry leader in commercial and industrial Dallas Roofer. We have been providing an uncompromising level of service and quality for over 20 years. As the leading Dallas Roofer, we offer our a full range of services, which includes new roof installation, replacement roofing, and commercial, industrial and residential roofing repairs. Our installation and service experts have been highly trained in the latest roofing requirements. We pride ourselves in providing a safe work environment during the installation process and through outstanding customer service keep you informed through every stage of your commercial roofing installation.

As a Dallas Roofer, we understand a commercial roof must withstand nature’s fury. Sun, extreme temperatures, extreme rain or snow, and wind all of which can be a roof’s natural enemy

The Miramar project utilized TPO a PVC based material that has been proven to meet and withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The roofing material is mechanically fastened to the roof deck and the seams are vulcanized, or hot-air welded, so that the end result is a custom-made covering for your entire roof area. TPO Roofing cut utility costs by reducing heat transference into the building during the hot summer months and amount of heat transferred out in the winter months. The white pigmentation of our roofing material is UV reflective, which means it greatly reflects much of the sun’s infrared and ultra-violet stopping them from being absorbed by the roof and ceiling insulation.

For your next roofing project call Alpine Roofing Construction the Dallas Roofer with the experience and team to handle any size commercial or industrial roofing project.

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