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Dallas Commercial Roofer, Dallas roofing company dallas roofing company Ennis Business Forms – Dallas Roofing Company aAlpine Roofing Construction is an award-winning Dallas Roofing Company Specializing in Commercial Roofing and Construction. Throughout Texas, you will find examples of our work. From high rise hotels, hospitals, entertainment venues to commercial factories and retail malls we have the team to install or replace any sized commercial roofing project. We install a full selection of commercial roofing products including”

Modified Bitumen (Mod-Bit) roofs are made from a mixture of bitumen, modifiers, and solvents. The rubber provides a “thermoplastic elastomer” that will melt and help bond the membrane/reinforcement to the substrate. These roofs require a UV reflective surface and do not tolerate standing water well.

Single-Ply membranes, while newer to the market, have had very good results over the last ten years. TPO & PVC are the most widely used “white” membranes, while EPDM is the most widely known “Rubber Roof.” Many of these membranes have natural elastic properties, low-VOC install options are available, and higher energy efficiency (sans EPDM). They have multiple installation options that can fit most scenarios and budgets.

We are an award-winning Dallas Roofing Company with outstanding customer service backed by the highest standards of workmanship and 20 years of experience. Call Jeff at your Dallas Roofing Company, Alpine Commercial Roofing today for a Commercial Roofing or Construction Consultation.

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