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Project Description

Dallas Roofing Company

Residential Roofing

When this Dallas Residence was hit with a recent hail storm they called the team at Alpine Roofing Construction the award-winning Dallas Roofing Company to replace their roof and their guttering.

Dallas Roofing Company dallas roofing company Dallas Roofing Company – Residential Roofing marA 3″ hailstone has an average weight of 1.4lb and hits the roof at 137 F/S or 106 Mph. Hail size is estimated by comparing it to a known object. Most hail storms are made up of a mix of sizes, and only the very largest hailstones pose a serious risk to people caught in the open.

  • Pea = 1/4 inch diameter
  • Marble/mothball = 1/2 inch diameter
  • Dime/Penny = 3/4 inch diameter
  • Nickel = 7/8 inch
  • Quarter = 1 inch — hail quarter size or larger is considered severe
  • Ping-Pong Ball = 1 1/2 inch
  • Golf Ball = 1 3/4 inches
  • Tennis Ball = 2 1/2 inches
  • Baseball = 2 3/4 inches
  • Tea cup = 3 inches
  • Grapefruit = 4 inches
  • Softball = 4 1/2 inches

How to spot hail damage

Dallas Roofing Company dallas roofing company Dallas Roofing Company – Residential Roofing mar2Granules can be knocked loose from asphalt shingles even when a storm produced hail that wasn’t particularly heavy. Do not attempt to climb on your roof unless you are confident in your ability. If in doubt call Alpine Roofing the for a free inspection.  If you see a collection of granules in your guttering you can be confident that your roof has sustained roofing damage from hail impacting your shingles and loosening the granules.

Call the Dallas Roofing Company with 20 years experience Alpine Roofing Construction

The second sign of hail damage is known as “bruising.” This occurs when hail “dents” the material on your roof but doesn’t leave a visible mark.  This looks like a dark mark or indentation in your tile. This is most common on asphalt shingles, as tile and other brittle material are more likely to crack than a bruise. Running your hand gently over the surface of your shingles to feel for any small depressions. In the classic bruise pattern, you may even feel that the indentation is softer than it should be.

The third major sign of a hail damaged roof is cracking, asphalt shingles or roofing tiles can be cracked by large hail. This is easy to spot when the crack is large, especially if it caused a chunk of roofing material to dislodge.  You should also look for dents in metal work such as guttering. Call the Dallas Roofing Company, Alpine Roofing Construction the  Residential Roofing specialist if you suspect hail damage.

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