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2929 Carlisle St, Suite 190 Dallas, TX 75204

With 17 years of experience in commercial roofing in Dallas. Alpine Roofing construction is your leading commercial roofing company location on Carlisle Street in Dallas. Our office is surrounded by the historic Upper Dallas neighborhood

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Jeff Folsom
President Alpine Roofing Construction


Alpine Roofing Construction, the leading Dallas commercial roofing company are flat roofing specialists.

Flat Roofing Dallas

Alpine Roofing Construction is your commercial Flat Roofing Dallas company. We also install commercial flat roofing applications throughout all of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana

Built-up Roofing (BUR) is a commercial roofing term which refers to roofing systems that are built up by adding layers. Built up roofing is most often made from alternating layers of roofing felt that is composed of waterproofing materials such as coal tar pitch, asphalt, cold application adhesives and modified asphalt are all involved in these widely used flat roofing applications.

Also known as tar and gravel roofing primarily because it’s finished off with a final layer of gravel, crushed rock, or other mineral substance.  These materials can help minimize the destructive effects of our extreme weather conditions across these tri-state areas.

Single-Ply Roofs

The most reliable flat roofing solutions on the market today is the single-ply roofing applications. There are two main types we find to be viable solutions to your flat roofing Dallas needs.

Thermoset membranes are manufactured from rubber polymers, and require the use liquid adhesives or tape to form a watertight seal. The membranes include a reinforced layer of polyester or fiberglass that increases strength and stability as well. The single ply roofing materials are more commonly referred to as rubber, plastic, and roofing membranes, and are most probably the best choice for all your flat roofing needs.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Sprayed polyurethane foam is a relatively new product for our flat roofing Dallas applications. It is a liquid that when sprayed onto the roof it will form a single, continuous, and seamless structure. Because the foam is flexible and lightweight, it is a perfect solution for irregularly shaped roofs and protrusions. Re-roofing with SPF can also eliminate the need to remove the previous roofing system, since it can be applied directly over existing roofing materials.

Foam roofing systems are easy to maintain, have high insulation values, and can combat some of the heat issues common with flat roofing Dallas materials.

Contact Alpine Roofing Construction for all of your flat roofing needs.