Tips to Make Your Copper Roof Last

Copper roofs are long-lasting and capable of withstanding the elements. This roofing material exudes warmth and features a natural look that changes as it gets older and more exposed to various weather conditions. It’s a classic roof material that can fit any style of home and building and it’s a favorite of commercial roofers everywhere.

Tips to Make Your Copper Roof Last

Copper is one of the best roofing materials around. Like other roofing materials, however, it has to be installed and maintained properly so that it will last very long — in fact, longer than the generations that can live in your home or building.

Here are some ways to make a copper roof last longer:

Quick Repairs

If you want your copper roof to last long, you’ve got to maintain it properly and quickly address any issues that it might have. Minor damages and corrosion should be addressed as soon as it occurs, or at least in the quickest time from the moment it is discovered.

Avoid These Items

While copper naturally forms a green-colored patina, which is a thin layer of corrosion above it, this layer does not post any threat to the copper roofing. Acidic fluids and moisture with low pH levels, however, pose a threat to copper roofing and can cause harmful corrosion.

Use clean water on your copper roof to wash away dirt and grime and bird droppings that water, particularly acid rain, do not wash off. Refrain from using detergents containing ammonia or pyrophosphates and alkaline soaps that do not have sodium hydroxide.

Fix It Properly

Copper is soft and can also expand and contract under rapid temperature changes. As commercial roofers know, this characteristic exposes copper roofing to possible damage caused by nails, cleats, abrasive surfaces (including constant exposure to footwear), strong winds, hail and even water.

Further, when copper is continually deformed by these, particularly with constant expansion and contraction, it might develop weak points that can lead to bigger problems like fractures.

While you can lessen or minimize foot traffic on your roof and can replace nails and cleats with some help from a soldering iron, some repairs are best left to the professionals like the experts at Alpine Roofing Construction.

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