Insulated Siding: A Look At Its Advantages

The exterior walls are an integral part of your home’s curb appeal. That said, replacing old, worn-out siding with a new one is a great way to significantly enhance appearance right away. Whether you want it to stand out in your neighborhood or just blend it with your existing surroundings, there is a wide range of siding options, both insulated and non-insulated.

Insulated Siding: A Look At Its Advantages

Alpine Roofing Construction, your local contractor specializing in metal roofing and siding installations, makes a case for insulated siding as a better choice over regular siding.

Better Appearance

Insulated siding features a layer of contoured foam that provides support to the siding panel. This configuration allows manufacturers to create wider and flatter siding profiles. Once installed, it can help hide imperfections of exterior walls. With this, your home can maintain its beauty for years to come.

Enhanced Durability

Siding has come a long way in terms of advancements in manufacturing. Back then, it is not as durable and damage-resistant, with some having the propensity to fade, crack, or warp. With added insulation, however, the gap between the siding and the wall is filled, significantly improving how it handles the impact. Just like metal roofing, it won’t create a hollow void that makes the material susceptible to further damage.

Improved Energy Savings and Comfort

The most notable feature insulated siding is, of course, its added insulation. With this installed, it can reduce heating and cooling costs, resulting in better energy savings and improved comfort. It acts like a blanket that wraps around your home, keeping the heat inside during winter and blocking heat outside during summer.

At Alpine Roofing Construction, our siding specialists offer many different options including metal, fiber cement and vinyl siding. We can offer a variety of products to match your building’s style, texture and color.

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