What Are Ridge Cap Shingles and What Are They Used For?

Every roof that that is not a flat roof has a ridge, and most are likely to have multiple roof ridges. As the name “ridge cap shingle” would suggest, it’s an asphalt shingle that caps (installed on top of) the ridge of the roof. All roofs with ridge will have a ridge cap. It does not matter what materials the roof is built with. If a house has a metal roof, that roof will have a metal ridge cap.

Different roof parts require different kinds of roofing materials to protect it. While flashing protects the area where protrusions such as chimneys meet the roof, a roof ridge shingle is used to protect the ridges of the roof, known as ridge cap shingles.

What is a Ridge Cap Shingle?

Ridge cap shingles are like regular shingles in that they use the same material and offer the same look in terms of color; but they are different in that they are specially designed to cover the ridges of the roof, which are high-stress areas that need more protection, unlike with metal roofing. The ridge cap shingle is pre-bent and will be thicker than a typical asphalt shingle.

Why is a Ridge Cap Shingle Important?

The ridge cap shingle is a vital piece of all shingle roofs. The ridge line of a roof is the seam of where the asphalt shingles meet, which causes a gap in the singles. This opening is prone to rain and snow meaning it needs added protection. The ridge cap is installed over the opening to act as a shield to block moisture from seeping in and damaging your home.

Ridge Cap Replacement

The roof ridge is also the roof’s highest point which means it’s the first part of your roof to take natural wear and tear damage over time, from things like: fallen tree limbs, sun damage, and bad weather. This will eventually lead to the asphalt of the ridge cap shingle to crack and would need to be replaced before it allows moisture through.

GAF Ridge Caps

Aside from adding necessary protection to your roof ridges, GAF’s hip and ridge cap shingles add accents to your architectural roofing shingles and make your roof stand out. These can even add dimension and depth to a 3-Tab shingle roof, making it look better while protecting your home.

GAF offers a variety of choices for their hip and ridge cap Shingles, all of which can be categorized into two major categories: Standard and Premium.


GAF Standard hip and ridge cap shingles are high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to cut-up 3-Tab shingles. These are available in the Z Ridge, Seal-A-Ridge, and Seal-A-Ridge Armorshield series.

Z Ridge shingles provide the look of thick wood shakes using a unique Z-fold design. Seal-A-Ridge machine cut shingles are meant to complement your roofing shingles. Seal-A-Ridge Armorshield features SBS modified ridge cap shingles provide strong protection that complements your GAF shingles.


GAF Premium hip and ridge cap shingles provide top-notch protection while adding drama to your roof. These are available in the Ridglass, Timbertex, and TimberCrest series.

Ridglass shingles have the high-profile look of wood shake with extra-thick leading edges. Timbertex shingles provide extra protection and are up to 195% thicker than regular strip shingles. TimberCrest shingles are SBS modified shingles with a distinct bullnose look thanks to a rounded edge design.

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