Top 3 Reasons Your Flat Roof is Blistering

Your commercial property deserves a sleek and durable flat roofing system that can provide exceptional weather protection all year round. But like most exterior building components, it will develop a couple of issues over time. These include blisters, which refer to a raised spot where the roof has lost some of its adhesion. When this area fills up with air or water, it forms a blister, or a bubble. Alpine Roofing Construction, the trusted provider of quality metal roofing in the area, shares the top causes of roof blisters, plus what you can do about it.

Top 3 Reasons Your Flat Roof is Blistering

1. Moisture. Roof membranes in commercial properties are more prone to blistering. When the trapped moisture inside the raised spot is exposed to heat, it gradually expands and sucks even more moisture inside the bubble. When left unattended, a flat roof blister can worsen until more serious repair work or even replacement becomes necessary.

If you’re planning to invest in a new flat roof, one way to prevent blisters from forming on the system is to deal with excess moisture. Alpine Roofing Construction, the trusted membrane and metal roofing company, can help you with this. Before we install your new roof, we make sure the materials we use are dry, and that these materials are installed in dry settings. This avoids moisture from getting into the roof and causing blisters.

2.  Poor Installation. When the flat roof isn’t correctly installed, the materials won’t adhere firmly to each other. This loss of adhesion can lead to blisters over time. This will not be a problem when you work with Alpine Roofing Construction for its installation. Our trained and experienced crew will complete the work while adhering to the manufacturer’s quality specifications, eliminating the potential of blistering.

3. Improper Ventilation. As with metal roofing, your flat roof system will need proper ventilation to prevent heat and moisture buildup. Make sure to have your roofing system checked periodically by a trusted contractor. This way, any issues with the roof ventilation are caught immediately and properly dealt with, reducing the risk of blisters forming.

Keep your flat roof healthy and blister-free by turning to Alpine Roofing Construction for the best solutions. We serve the areas in and around Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX. Call us today at (214) 528-9897 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.

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