Commercial Roof Warranty 101: What You Should Know

Getting a new roofing system for your commercial property is a huge deal, so you’ll want to understand all the details involved with the project. One of the most important, for example, is the warranty included with your new system. What exactly does it cover? Alpine Roofing Construction, the expert in commercial and residential roofing, shares some of the essentials you should know about commercial roof warranties.

Commercial Roof Warranty 101: What You Should Know

1. They are not insurance.

Unlike insurance, commercial roof warranties only cover the actual roofing system. They will not cover the damage sustained by the roof due to inclement weather. In fact, they won’t have any impact on your property’s size or its occupants. A commercial roofing warranty is actually a legal relationship between you, and your choice of roofing manufacturer and roofing installer. It ensures that your new roof will perform according to the defined conditions for a certain period of time. In the event your roof fails to deliver a satisfactory performance, the warranty comes with provisional solutions.

2. Commercial roof warranties come with material coverage.

These may come in two types: an only-materials warranty, which protects against material defects, and a materials and labor warranty, which provides coverage for both materials and roof installation. Alpine Roofing Construction, the premier commercial and residential roofing company in the area is certified by the leading roofing manufacturers, so we can provide you access to some of the most extensive roofing warranties available today.

3. They may include roofing contractor coverage. 

The warranty included with your new roof may cover the workmanship involved with installing the manufacturer’s roofing materials, plus other products and accessories the installer has used. Alpine Roofing Construction augments this with our own workmanship guarantee. When you work with us for your commercial roof replacement, you can expect the work to be done perfectly right the first time. 

Look no further than Alpine Roofing Construction for top-tier solutions to your commercial and residential roofing needs. With our solid warranty coverage, we’ll add an extra layer of protection to your investment. We proudly serve the areas in Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX plus the nearby areas. Call us today at (214) 528-9897 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.

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