Roof Replacement Practices of Good Neighbors

As an expert in residential roofing, Alpine Roofing Construction understands the importance of ensuring not just the convenience of our customers throughout the roof replacement process but their neighbors as well. Here are some things we suggest to avoid attracting conflict as you strive to upgrade your home.

Roof Replacement Practices of Good Neighbors

Notify Your Neighbors

Don’t hesitate to approach your neighbors and let them know what you intend to do with your roof. Let them know when you’ll start and how long it will take. Give them ample time to secure their property and make arrangements for their privacy throughout your project too.

Get Their Advice

It may help lessen sentiments of inconvenience if your neighbors feel that they are a part of your home improvement project too. Ask them about their preferred residential roofing contractors in your area. Find out if any nearby homes had recently gone through their own roof replacement projects as well and learn what you can from them. Work with a trusted contractor, like Alpine Roofing Construction, that will consider the needs of your neighbors as well.

Clean Up Well

Never work with a contractor that doesn’t clean up after a roof repair or replacement project. A good contractor doesn’t just install your roof. They take care of clearing out your home’s surroundings and the proper disposal of discarded construction materials. The cleanup process also assures your neighbors that none of the materials from your project will end up on the street or, worse, in their own backyards.

Let residential roofing expert, Alpine Roofing Construction, help you successfully replace your roof and remain a good neighbor. We are a residential and commercial roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacement, emergency roof repair and roof maintenance, among others. Call us at (214) 380-4607. We serve homeowners in several areas in Texas, including those in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, TX.

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