Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Roofing Inspection

Your commercial roofing system, whether it is a membrane or metal roofing, is a huge investment. As such, you must maintain its life span. You not only ensure its structural integrity but also help you get on top of problems before they become worse. If this is your first time to have your roof inspected, it’s smart to ask your chosen contractor questions to give you an idea of what to expect.

Alpine Roofing Construction, your local commercial roofing company, lists down these questions to ask about your roof inspection.

Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Roofing Inspection

“Which Parts of the Roof Are You Concentrating On?”

Follow up this question by getting details regarding the roof’s vulnerable points. The answers that the inspection pros provide will not only give them a better idea of the system’s weaknesses but also confirms their familiarity with it.

“What Part of the Roof Can I Pay More Attention To?”

The information that will be provided to you will be of great help for determining future problems and making informed decisions. In the event your membrane or metal roofing system encounters an issue at any point moving forward, you can be sure where this stems from.

“Will Photo Documentation Be Provided?”

A commercial roofing inspection should come with documentation to give you an idea of what has been done on the whole system. The pros must give you a before and after of the damage and the subsequent repairs. More importantly, they must produce a tangible report detailing the roof’s status. Keeping them as records will help you make informed decisions in the future.

The experienced and skilled group of membrane and metal roofing pros from Alpine Roofing Construction is capable of not just catching any potential issues on your commercial roof but also ensure it lasts as long as possible. Our roofing maintenance services exceed the requirements that manufacturers have.

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