How Pressure Washing Removes Mold Growth

Alpine Roofing Construction is proud to offer quality metal roofs. Fire and leak resistant, energy efficient, and extremely durable, they are a fantastic investment for your home. You will enjoy lower insurance premiums, and the roof can last 50 years or more with regular cleaning and care. One thing you should watch out for on any roof is the growth of mold and algae. If you notice mold starting to spread on your beautiful new metal roof, you can call Alpine for fast service and effective cleaning.

Pressure Breaks Algae’s Hold

Algae clings to surfaces and starts to grow into them. Your local Dallas roofing company uses a pressure washer to break algae’s hold on your roof. With the power washer angled properly, the algae cannot continue its tenuous hold on your roof. The spores that start a new algae colony are safely washed back to gutters and down the drain.

The Right Force

Metal roofs are designed to withstand a beating, and they can easily handle 1,800 PSI when being cleaned. Using high pressure washing ensures that mold spores and algae are blasted off the roof. All particles of the spore are removed to prevent it from growing back after the treatment is completed. Our professionals will use the right amount of pressure to remove mold without damaging your roof or surrounding landscaping.

Long-Term Treatment

In addition to removing visible spores through pressure washing, Alpine can also use chemicals to kill off the existing mold and prevent new spores from taking hold. Mold spores pose a health risk for anyone who comes in contact with them, and they can stain your roof. Allowed to sit and expand over time, they can damage the structure of your roof. With regular treatments from Alpine, you can trust that your roof will continue looking amazing for decades.
Offering services for residential and commercial metal roofs alike, you can call on Alpine when you need a new roof or some roofing maintenance. Cleaning roofs, inspecting them, and removing mold are just some the services that make us the most trusted roofing name in Dallas. Call Alpine Roofing Construction at (817) 409-8975 to learn more about protecting your roof from mold.

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