The Different Types of Radiant Barrier on Roofs

As a homeowner in the Dallas, TX, area, you may be seeking to improve your home’s energy efficiency and protection from the outdoor elements. At Alpine Roofing Construction, your Dallas roofing company, we offer radiant barrier insulation for all types of homes. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer a variety of radiant barriers from which you can choose. Consider these different types of radiant barriers for residential roofing.


Radiant barrier foil is applied between the rafters of your attic. A small airspace is allowed between the bottom of the attic roof and the insulation.


Chips made of a radiant barrier are small pieces of film infused with silver and are about the size of a snowflake. These chips are blown into the attic on top of the existing layer of insulation. This method of radiant barrier is ideal for installation into an attic that is otherwise difficult to access or has a low pitch that makes other forms of radiant barriers difficult to install.


Radiant barrier sheathing is composed of plywood with a laminate of aluminum foil on one side. This type of sheathing is installed with the foil side facing into the attic. In most cases, this type of radiant barrier is installed during construction or a total roof replacement.

Metal Roofing

Homes can be outfitted with metal roofing that is coated in aluminum and zinc. The sheets of metal are stamped to look more like traditional roofing shingles or tiles. This type of roofing material is usually used in conjunction with a layer of plywood radiant barrier sheathing.

At Alpine Roofing Construction, we have built a solid reputation throughout the Dallas, TX, area for excellence in residential roofing services. We strive to provide the best in class customer service and the highest quality of radiant barrier insulation and other roofing products. When you are ready to improve your home’s resale value and decrease your monthly utility costs, we are here for you. Call us today at (817) 409-8975 to schedule your appointment or find out more about this environmentally friendly and economical insulation.

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