Unsure if your Roof was Damaged? | Get a Free Roof Inspection hail damage roof 175121509 std 300x168We get a lot of calls from homeowners saying they think their roof may have storm damage, but are unsure if they have enough damage to qualify for an insurance claim.  You may have gotten hail at your home or extremely strong winds, but do not know if your roof withstood the storm.  Some people call saying they are seeing lots of roofs being replaced in their neighborhoods, which is a red flag that your roof may have been damaged. We recommend getting the roof evaluated by a reputable Dallas roofing company to verify whether it was damaged or not.  This is why we are offering free evaluations to homeowners who think their roof may have sustained some storm damage.

If your roof goes un-evaluated, you may be unaware of damage that exists on your roof, which could lead to problems and interior damage to your home in the future.  In our evaluation, we will look for hail penetrations to your shingles and roof vents, shingles that may have been uplifted from strong winds, or other possible issues that could have been caused by a weather event.  We will then provide you with our evaluation of the system, and photos of any damaged areas.  If it is determined you have hail or other storm damage, we will be glad to walk you through the insurance process if you are in need of the help.  The claims process can be confusing for someone who has never been through it before, and having an experienced person on your side can be very helpful!

Keep the interior of your home protected, call Alpine Roofing Construction now at 214-528-9897 to have one of our project managers evaluate your roofing system for FREE!  We have been a trusted Dallas TX roofing company since the ‘90s, and helped thousands of homeowners through the insurance claim process.