//Residential Roofing Rockwall TX | Hail Storms Recently in your Area

Residential Roofing Rockwall TX | Hail Storms Recently in your Area

There was baseball size hail in some areas of Rockwall county in April, and your roof may have sustained damage from this storm.  If you suspect there mayResidential Roofing Rockwall TX | Hail Storms Recently in your Area apr1809hail3 300x199 have been hail by your residence, call a reliable Rockwall roofing company like Alpine Roofing Construction to come out and evaluate your roofing system.  If it is determined that your roof has hail damage, we can help you through the insurance claim process and make sure that you get the correct amount of money for your claim.

If your roof is determined to be totaled, you may want to consider a more “hail resistant” roofing system.  This will prevent you from having to replace your roof every time a hail storm passes through the area, which can be very often in the North Texas area!

Impact Resistant Shingles:

Impact Resistant shingles have a tough fiber glass reinforced base to help achieve the highest level of impact resistance.  They are UL 2218 Class 4 rated, which will qualify most homeowners for a discount on their insurance premium.   These shingles are tested to withstand hail impacts of modest size, and offer your home extra protection.

Metal Roofs:

Metal roofing systems are also classified as UL 2218 Class 4.  This is a great roofing option for someone looking for a different look than a typical shingle.  Metal roofs are not only aesthetically beautiful, they are one of the most durable on the market, and it will most likely be the last roof you ever install on your residence.

Simulated Slate:

Simulated slate products combine the good looks of authentic slate with the durable strength of proven technologies and composite materials.  “Faux slate” is much less likely than real slate to crack or break during a hail storm.  Like the above two options, these products are rated UL2218 Class 4, and will come with discounts from your insurance carrier.

If you are looking for a more hail resistant roofing material, call Alpine Roofing Construction at 972-957-7011, we are a trusted residential roofing company, and we can educate you further on all the products available in the market.

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