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Dallas Roofing Repair

In Dallas Texas, if you have any commercial roofing issues contact Alpine Roofing Construction you Dallas Roofing Repair specialists. With over 17 years of commercial roofing experience Alpine has the team and the expertise to resolve any roofing issue. We install, repair and maintain the full variety of commercial roofs. Wether your property is residential complex, a stand alone commercial or industrial building or a high rise building call us for a free inspection and quote.

HVAC Roof Issues.

When air conditioning units operate, they collect condensation. HVAC units typically have internal sheet metal pans that collect and drain off the condensation water. Because this is a continuing process, the sheet metal pans have a tendency to rust out. When this happens, the water inside the HVAC unit can leak into the building, Sometimes HVAC units have sheet metal air ducts that run across the roof. These ducts have overlapping seams, where they are connected together. These seams are sealed to prevent air from leaking in and out. But, they are also sealed to prevent water from getting inside. Unfortunately these seals can crack and wear out.

If your property has a roof leak contact the team at Alpine Roofing Construction your Dallas Roofing Repair specialists, we can quickly diagnose the issue and resolve it for you.

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