Reba’s Ranch House

Denison Texas Roofing

Alpine Roofing Construction install quality commercial, residential and industrial roofing in Texas. With 16 years of experience and expertise Rebas Ranch House chose Alpine Roofing Construction for their Denison Texas Roofing construction project.  This property features a Atlas Storm Master High Definition Class 4 Shingles.

Texas Roofing Rebas Ranch House – Denison Texas Roofing atlas logoAtlas Impact Resistant Shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector incorporate a rubberized SBS polymer that creates a more durable and longer lasting shingle that can withstand extreme weather conditions. StormMaster’s SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) asphalt construction ensures high performance and lasting durability. This superior shingle can be used in all areas of the country, and has proven its stability in high impact and strong winds. To get a better idea of their stability, it’s good to know that shingles are ranked into four classes based on their strength and overall durability.

Class 1 is the least durable and Class 4 is the most resistant to damage. With this clarification, homeowners can have peace of mind as all StormMaster impact resistant shingles are defined by Class 4 certification as they uphold the highest standards when it comes to protecting a home. Keep in mind, Class 4 shingles are not only important from a protection standpoint, impact resistant shingles also lend their value to curb appeal by preserving the integrity of the roof’s looks as well.

It is these features that made this product perfect for the harsh weather a Texas Roof must withstand.  When you are looking for a company with a proven track record for your next Texas Roofing Project contact Alpine Roofing and Construction. The Leader in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Texas Roofing company.

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