Caliber Collision

Fort Worth Metal Roofing

Caliber Collision chose Alpine Roofing Construction for their Fort Worth Metal Roofing restoration project. Alpine Roofing replaced the external metal roofing panels. Custom fabricated and installed vertical wall panels , gutters/downspouts, and a standing seam roofing metal system.

One of the main benefits surrounding metal roofing is the amount of options that you have to choose from. Tin, zinc, aluminum, copper and galvanized steel are all metal roofing options that you can select from. This allows you to customize your roof based on the durability, style and price that you are looking to obtain. Most other roofing options do not offer so much variety. Its many benefits makes Fort Worth Metal Roofing the ideal commercial roofing application for many roofing projects.

Fire resistance. Because metal roofs are noncombustible, they’re given a Class A fire rating (the most resistant). Part of a roof’s classification depends on materials beneath the surface that could ignite in intense heat. Most metal roofs applied over a combustible material such as wood shingles have a lower, Class C rating.
Heat conduction. Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimizing midday heat gain. This means you save energy needed for air conditioning during the day. Though the material itself is low in insulation R-value, many systems utilize a dead-air space between the metal and roof deck to increase energy efficiency
Minimal roof pitch. Most metal roofing materials can be installed on gently pitched roofs without presenting a leaking potential. Minimum roof pitch is 3-in-12 (the roof rises 3 inches for each horizontal foot).
Maximum shedding of rain and snow. Metal roofing is practically impervious to rain and snow because of the way it is designed to interlock and because the surfaces are hard and slippery.

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