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Dallas Commercial Metal Roofing

With over two decades of Dallas Commercial Metal Roofing Replacement & Restoration experience, From low slope commercial metal roofing to steep slope residential metal roofing, we offer precise metal roofing services, enabling our Redmond clients to enjoy the true benefits of metal roofs. As metal roofs offer more benefits than conventional roofs made from other materials, people now opt for metal roofing to enjoy long-term benefits.

Standing seam panels can be made out of a variety of different metals. Depending on the metal used in the manufacturing process, the price and overall quality of a standing seam roof will vary. The most economical option is a standing seam roof made of painted galvanized steel/G-90 Steel. A better option, specifically in the case of standing seam, which offers a higher level of protection from corrosion than G90, is Galvalume steel. Other metals used in manufacturing are Stainless Steel, Painted Aluminum, Copper and Zinc. Being premium metals, copper, zinc and stainless steel offer superior durability and longevity, but also cost as much as 2-3 times more than standing seam roofs made of Galvalume.

  • Copper – You won’t see a lot of these roof types around, but copper roofs are the longest lasting roofing material that you can buy.
  • Tin – Tin roofs are also known by other names (terne or terneplate). This metal is very soft and is coated with coated with lead and tin. A tin roof that’s maintained will last up to 50 years or more.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is extremely popular. It needs very little maintenance as it is resistant to corrosion. Another reasons why so many property owners like aluminum roofs are due to heat reflection.
  • Galvanized steel – If you’re looking for a roof type that will last 60 or more years. Your roof won’t rust and you’ll always have a roofer that you can trust.

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