We know how brutal the Texas heat can be in the summer time.  Are you constantly plagued with extremely high electric bills, or do you have certain bedrooms that don’t get as cool as they should?  Radiant barrier could be a great option for you!  Radiant barrier is best for warm climates, and our Is your Home Ready to Withstand the Summer Heat? | Dallas Radiant Barrier IMG 1125 300x200previous customers have seen some great results.

Radiant barrier blocks 97% of the radiant heat that is transferred into your attic.  Radiant heat is what makes your roof surface very hot after exposed to the sun, and this is normally transferred directly into your attic.  Having the foil installed in your attic is similar to having a house that is constantly covered by shade.  Yes, your AC will still have to run, but it will run less and more efficiently than if your home was exposed to sun 100% of the time.  Radiant barrier may also keep your AC from having to run on a 75 degree day, where it may turn on otherwise. It is possible to save around 25% on your AC bill, which will mean that your radiant barrier will pay for itself within 5 years.

There are several types of products available on the market, but radiant barrier foil is the most effective, and you will see the most return on investment.  The paint and reflective chip products available on the market have some effectiveness, but you will be able to tell a greater difference with the foil.

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