//Was your Roof Damaged? | Coppell TX Roofing

Was your Roof Damaged? | Coppell TX Roofing

We replaced several roofs last year and earlier this year in Coppell that have unfortunately already been compromised by more hail damage! (Another reasonWas your Roof Damaged? | Coppell TX Roofing DSC00318 300x225 we recommend going with an impact resistant roofing system) Our North Texas weather can be unpredictable, it seems that we get at least one yearly hail storm that leaves homeowners with lots of damage that needs to be addressed.

A lot of homeowners think that as long as their roof doesn’t have a leak, there is no need to replace it.  This is not always the case.  If your roof has been exposed to hail, chances are it needs to be replaced.  This is the reason homeowners carry insurance!  If hail has come through your neighborhood, find a reliable Coppell TX roofing company to evaluate your roofing system for you.  If the roof is not leaking now, it will sometime in the future.  Don’t get discouraged by the insurance claim process, if you pick a knowledgeable Coppell roofing company, it should be a relatively easy process.

Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to evaluate your roofing system, and at that point they will determine if the roof is “totaled” or if it is just in need of repairs.  Make sure to have someone that is knowledgeable about roofing (like someone from Alpine Roofing Construction) evaluate your insurance paperwork to make sure that you are getting the appropriate amount of money owed to you for the claim.

Alpine Roofing Construction has been open since the ‘90s, and have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners in the North Texas area.  We specialize in dealing with hail damage claims, and getting homeowners all the money that is owed to them.  If you are unsure if your roof has sustained enough hail damage to qualify for an insurance claim, give us a call at 972-957-7011, we give free estimates!

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