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Storm Damage

Storm Damage storm damage Storm Damage IMG 0808 1The Harsh Texas Spring can be rough on even the strongest roof.  When your roof suffers damage from a storm, whether it be from Hail or Wind, you can’t wait for the weather to let up before making repairs. Water entering your building can cause serious and expensive structural damage. Over time if left without repair this water can lead to structural damage and mold.

Large hail is a feature of many of our spring storms. Hail forms in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of which cause damage to roofing and other exterior components like guttering, siding and flashing. Except for truly extreme storm conditions, typical hail damage is not visible from the ground and can go unnoticed to the untrained eye. If left unnoticed this damage can lead to shingles and other building components to prematurely fail before their regular service life. If you do not get your roof inspected after a hail storm for damage, it may come at a significant cost in the future.  If you suspect roofing damage to your residential or commercial property, call Alpine Roofing Construction we can perform a pre-insurance inspection.

Storm Damage, Call Alpine Roofing Construction the Storm Damage Experts

If your roof has survived a hailstorm without visible damage, that doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. When hail hits your roof, it can bruise or crack the shingle mat and allow water to slowly seep into your home. Hail can hit your roof damaging the shingles, bruising, cracking or even knocking holes through them. This may not happen the day after the storm, but over time the water will find its way in. It is difficult to determine whether a shingle roof needs to be replaced after a hailstorm because the damage is not readily apparent to the untrained eye. However, Insurance companies enforce time limits in which claims can be filed. These time limits are typically one year, but they can be a little as six months depending on your insurance policy. The insurance carriers prefer a qualified professional contractor to verify damage before a claim is filed to prevent unnecessary claims. If you do not detect the damage from a storm and your policy time runs out you can be left with storm damage that is not covered by your insurance policy.

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