//Signs You Need a Roof Inspection from Alpine Roofing Construction in Coppell

Signs You Need a Roof Inspection from Alpine Roofing Construction in Coppell

The roof of your home is like the icing on a cake. It protects your home and adds to its overall appearance and value. Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roof until there’s obvious damage. If your roof is several years old, you should consider a roof inspection service. The Coppell TX roofers at Alpine Roofing Construction are here to help.

Unless you physically get up onto your roof, chances are you don’t really know what shape it’s in. There are some good indicators of roof damage, though, that might just be showing up inside your home. Take a look at the ceiling. Do you see any stains or discolorations? This might indicate water penetrating under the shingles. If you can see light through your ceiling and don’t have a skylight, you’ve got problems. On a windy day do you hear banging and shuffling sounds from overhead? Loose shingles make quite a bit of noise flapping around in a stiff breeze.

A damaged roof opens a home to attack by weather, insect pests and even wildlife. Shingles fly off during stormy weather allowing water to penetrate through to the attic. Excess moisture causes mold and rot and can blister through the drywall. Termites, flying ants and any number of other bugs can infiltrate your home through openings in the roof. On top of all that, raccoons and bats might take advantage of a weaken roof and make themselves at home in your attic.

Instead of guessing about the condition of your roof you should have it professionally inspected. Alpine Roofing Construction is the roofing company in Coppell to call. We’ll get onto your roof and look at the condition of the shingles and flashing and determine the extent of mold. We’ll also look for any soft spots or buckling. Our inspection comes with a written report that highlights any issues and lets you know the extent of damage. We’ll tell you if you need just a few shingles replaced or a complete tear off. This report includes both a time and cost estimate.

Roof issues are something that need to be addressed quickly before extensive damage is done to the interior of your home. Our roof repair service will get the job done efficiently and with as little disruption to you as possible. Call Alpine Roofing Construction today at 214-528-9897.

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