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While once considered an afterthought when putting on a new roof or new construction. Gutting and water management play critical role in not only protecting your property from damage but also in protecting visitors to your property against potential slips on walkways and paths.

Foundation Protection:

During rainstorms, gutters often offer invaluable protection to the structure’s foundation. Too much water near the foundation of a building can have some very serious repercussions. Heavy rainfall can cause the soil around the house to get washed away or erode beneath the foundation. The clay base beneath the foundation must be kept protected to keep it from swelling, shrinking, or settling and disrupting the land the house is sitting on. Damage to the actual concrete can also occur, such as cracking and flaking.

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Constant moisture in a basement or atop a slab foundation can cause unpleasant odors, deformed or decaying wood, peeling paint or even mold or mildew growth, along with structural damage. These problems frequently require costly repairs and can reduce a home’s value. Good drainage around the foundation will help to prevent most problems with a damp foundation

With 17 years experience in roofing Alpine Roofing Construction has the experience to advise you as the right guttering system for your commercial or residential property taking into consideration multiple factors. There are several different materials available, including aluminum, galvanized steel, vinyl, and copper. The different materials have varying degrees of thickness, called gauges. Some materials may require a larger thickness for optimum performance, and it is important to make sure that they are installed properly.

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Gutter Guards

While guttering can help protect your property a poorly maintained gutter can cause as much damage if not more damage to your property than no gutter at all. Seasonal debris left in a gutter can be a breeding ground for pests and. Not only that as the debris rots it can cause some guttering systems to rust and fail. If left it will cause water pooling which can push water onto the facia board causing rot or even worse push up under the shingle or tile into the roof. In the winter it can lead to ice dams which can cause water to penetrate your roof and cause your shingles to lift.

The is a solution that saves you having to climb a ladder to check and clean your guttering system. Gutter guards. Gutter guards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your roofing needs. Contact Alpine Roofing Construction the bbb A+ rated company about how a gutter guard system can protect not only your new guttering but also your roofing system.